Recognized for her scream, style and sense of adventure, Jessica Stevenson is known for her interactive and candid live shots.

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Always open to trying something new, Jessica has toured haunted houses, free fallen forty feet, braved blizzards, and much more… all on live television. She is a reporter, MMJ and fill-in anchor at KHGI-NTV News, the ABC affiliate in the Lincoln, Nebraska market. Jessica has created multiple series including Freaky Fridays, Open For Business and Festive Fridays, each gaining a loyal following. In her (rare) spare moments, Jessica enjoys being a guest and fill-in co-host on the morning talk show, The Good Life. 


While working at her first station in the bureau of KHGI TV6, Jessica was the sole reporter for a multi-county area, forming close working relationships with elected and court officials, law enforcement, community leaders and local viewers. She continues to maintain many of these relationships as her career advances. While working in the “Yoop,” she covered everything from triple homicides to state fairs and everything in between.  

Jessica spent her teen and young adult years working in hospitality business. It prepared her for a fast paced career while learning to work with all personality types.

In California, while managing a boutique bar, Jessica was also the executive assistant at an elite event company. She stayed busy and happy, planning red carpet soirées for clients including Jimmy Kimmel, Dancing with the Stars, Dexter, Michael Kors, and many more. 



When she’s not lugging camera gear (and sometimes when she is) you can find this Detroit native poolside, on the yoga mat, paddling a kayak or trying out the latest fitness craze. 

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Jessica grew up with a love for fashion, often assisted by her mom searching for the latest styles in petite sizes. She enjoyed modeling for art classes through high school and now continues that passion modeling for local boutiques, attending Fashion Week and having fun in her instagram account.  


As a cancer survivor, Jessica has chosen to be public about her battle with melanoma, embracing the public platform she works in. She’s become an activist within the community sharing her own life experiences on-air while providing in depth reports on the latest medical advancements. According to personal letters, her reports have saved multiple lives, and encouraged countless others to seek medical attention. She’s also been asked to speak at multiple American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.