Throwing a home Holiday Soirée



After a little too mch spiked cider and Yule Tide cheer, the roomie and I decided to throw a swanky shindig. 

Why? Desperation.

Living in central Nebraska the common party involves casseroles, jeans and plastic tablecloths. 

Not for Sara and I. 

While sipping cider and tossing tinsel, we dreamed up a luxe event. Ideas snowballed and excitement grew.

First up, invites

First up, invites

Next up: the menu. The sooner you finalize that, the better. Give yourself enough time to find items on sale, just check the expiration date!   

Keep the swank without breaking the bank  

Pro tip: blend pricey items with affordable ones and jazz ‘em up!   

Marinated shrimp salad. At about 17 bucks, this was most expensive dish. Adding the olives and red onion not only adds color, it adds bulk.   

Counter balance that with our 24 deviled egg halves that rang in at only $2.50. 


 It’s all about the presentation 


Jazz up the eggs: Make extra filling by setting aside a few egg whites. Put the mix into a bag and using a frosting tip to pipe it into the egg halves. Top with chives for added color and class. 

Phyllo cups are a perfect app. They look incredibly luxe and delicate.

In reality, they’re about three bucks for a box of 15 and they’re typically filled with a cream cheese or pudding. We did crab rangoon cups. A huge hit. 

A community charcuterie is an inexpensive crowd pleaser. On the invites request guests bring a cheese and meat pairing to share. Be prepared with a board and knives and an assortment of crackers, jams, grapes and olives.  

Delightful Dishes  

Again with the presentation... but i promise it’s critical for keeping the luxurious vibe.  

Time to pull out the China, crystal and silver. 

Don’t have any? Don’t fret.

Ask around. Often, people have at least one fun and fancy dish. Ask to borrow it, pick it up in advance. Hit up the thrift shops. You’d be shocked at the old elegant items you can find there. If possible, run them through the dishwasher to be sanitize 

Let’s not forget to hydrate

Let’s not forget to hydrate

Infused water is a simple swanky treat. There’s countless options using a combo of fruit, spices and herbs. For a sweet ‘n’ spicy festive option try apple, orange and cinnamon. Make it the morning of the party. 

It’s not a party if there isn’t champagne 


If you can’t afford a good champagne, do a sparkling signature cocktail. 

We added half an ounce of black cherry brandy, and a bing cherry to a glass of champagne.  

It must have been a hit as eight girls went through four bottles.  


Stay tuned for the after party...