Relaxing through the holiday


Family, festivities, food and fun. It's all a part of the holidays.


Unfortunately, so is fighting crowded malls, the awkward uncle, cramped car rides, hangovers and an empty bank account.


This is why finding time to relax can be critical. It can help you get through the stress and embrace those yule tide timings.

 I know, when life is busy it feels impossible to slow down.

Here’s a pro tip: Make a nonrefundable appointment  

Any kind.  A facial, body treatment, massage, a float session, anything.  


I chose a 60 minute Swedish Massage at Fusion Therapy in Kearney, Nebraska. 

The room was dark and warm, Christmas music played softly in the corner. 

From the beginning, Triese was so sweet. She asked about preferred pressure, and said she welcomed feed back if there was something I didn’t like.

The massage itself is hard to explain. It felt fluid, almost like a water tide. It was so relaxing, I wish it never ended. The headache I had been battling for days magically melted away and the tension in my shoulders was released.

Laying down, I was stressing, thinking of all I needed to do, of the time I was wasting laying on this table. Seconds later, I didn’t care if a single person on my list didn’t get a gift from me, I just wanted to stay in this moment forever.

The only thing I wish would have been added was aromatherapy. I know I like essential oils, but I had no idea how much I like them when trying to relax.

Sadly, 60 minutes later my blissful session ended. However, the effects of the massage lasted though the day into a peaceful sleep.

People noticed. I noticed. I was a much more relaxed, content version of myself.

While I didn’t get much done the evening after my massage, the following day my serenity transformed into a calm focus and I was impressively productive.

Long story short, if you’re needing a Christmas gift idea for me, I’ll gladly take a gift certificate from Fusion Therapy.

Jessica Stevenson