Lipstick Queen: A Fifty Dollar Fail

When it comes to glitz and glamour, this girl is Queen

When it comes to glitz and glamour, this girl is Queen

Since I was a child, I’ve been known in my family as The Queen.  It stems from my love of all things luxe, anything that sparkles... and maybe a little bit of my spoiled nature. 


My first Lipstick Queen purchase: a luxe velvet and foil box holding a georgeous gold tube and a logo-stamped, velvety, deep red lipstick.  

Love at first sight.  

Sadly, this love turned out to be nothing more than a short affair. 

According to the website, Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope lipstick in Black Tie promises to be “the ultimate luxury for your lips.” 

The site continues on, explaining the lipstick’s “rich, intense, feather-like color.”

 They’re right.  The color is stunning, it applies in one swipe , it’s relatively matte and you’ll look like a million bucks while applying it. 

That’s not all. This rich color will also bleed into the fine lines around your mouth. It must be dabbed after application in hopes of avoiding looking like a vampire with red teeth. It fades after drinking coffee and leaves that ever-so-classy lipstick stain on the cup. I’ve found it on my clothes, accidentally rubbed it on to my hand while daydreaming, found it on my napkin after lunch. It seems to me, this lipstick stays everywhere but my lips.

Am I swearing the brand off completely? No. I’m always open to trying new products. In fact, my roommate gave me her Lipstick Queen lip liner to try. Fingers crossed.

 Final Thoughts:

  • Packaging - top notch

  • Color - gorgeous

  • Lip Feel - soft, comfortable

  • Lasting Power- terrible, fades very quickly

  • Added Bonus - the peppermint oil gives this a subtle scent

  • Instaworthy - definitely the packaging, not so much the finished product

  • TV Worthy - it works in a pinch for a stand up, but I wouldn’t want to anchor in this or wear it in the field

  • Philanthropy - Yes, LQ says this helps provide schooling to Syrian refugees

  • Repurchase - definitely not

  • Recommend - only if you’re looking for a fab vanity prop


Send me your mistletoe-proof lipstick suggestions, and let’s all hope for a little love this magical season.

Note: I seem to be alone on this. According to a quick search, this product has a 4.6 star review. However, since the invention of social media influencers, I take I personally take reviews with a grain of salt. Remember the old adage? Never bite the hand that feeds you or sends you free products. (Disclaimer: I added that last little part)