Friday Night Lights, Denver Style


Once we left our Hippie Haven Air BnB, we started our first night at a quaint little bar.  

“My Brother’s Bar, the oldest bar in Denver, continuously serving fine beers and spirits since 1873.” -Brother’s website 

The atmosphere was dark, warm and comfortable. The food was classic, the prices reasonable, and the cocktails terrible.  


We both got a Moscow Mule. A classic cocktail, right? Wrong. Their flavored vodka options came in the form of Smirnoff, the drink had enough bottled lime juice to be a margarita and the cups were glass.

Shocked faces and laughter aside, we tossed ’em back and strutted out the door toward our 9:30 dinner reservation only a short walk away. 

Our struts turned to sprints as we realized we walked about half a mile in the wrong direction.  

A little breathless and windblown we make it to Linger only about 10 minutes late and get seated at fantastic spot. It’s an intimate table for two, over looking the garden with the rooftop terrace visible above.     

If you aren’t a Denver native, or incredibly observant, what you might not notice Linger’s history as Olinger Mortuary. 

The menu was tapas style, with globally inspired dishes. Syd and I decided to tour the world with middle eastern lamb kabobs, Asian BBQ duck and pork belly bao buns and American wagyu sliders.


After, with full bellies and heavy eyes we made our way back to our little hippie haven Air BnB. 


Stay tuned, because if we did all this after working then driving five hours, imagine all we did with a full day ahead of us. 


Jessica StevensonComment