Pass the Wrench: A PinUp Pictorial

Ruby lips, peep toed heels and a bright red bandanna

oh yeah, and a wrench


That’s a wrap!

Here’s a look at my first pinup photo shoot 


 Thanks Braeden xx

If you haven’t worked with Braeden of TymaPhoto yet, check him out! You can hire him for a pinup shoot, to photograph your vintage car, or a combo of both. He also creates these killer videos.

On the edge


This photo shoot was a little out of my element.

Working for NTV News, I’m used to being in front of the camera every day, but truthfully, I was a little nervous to do this.  I just didn’t want to fail Braeden. Oh yeah,I also didn’t want to look like a fool.   


Turn up the tunes and let loose

A huge shout out to this girl who provided the wardrobe and laughs.

A huge shout out to this girl who provided the wardrobe and laughs.

With coaching from Braeden and a few shenanigans with Syd , we were able to capture dozens of stunning images. (I swear I’m not vain, Braeden is just that good!!) When looking at the images, check out some of the effects he used.

The golden, hazy ones are such a fun nod to decades past but I think my favorite are the vibrant ones.

All of these images are owned by Braeden Tyma, but you can buy them! Just click here if you’d like the digital rights or a print.

(And rumor has it, there will be one framed image auctioned off to benefit the Nebraska flood victims’ relief fund…stay tuned)

Still want more? Check out Syd and I’s behind the scene video or click here for photo shoot tips from Tyma

What’s your fav pic? Ideas for the next shoot? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to follow TymaPhoto, Sydney and I (Jess) on insta for more images.

Chat soon, xx