Spring Trends: Shopping for Fashion Week

Fall 2018

Fall 2018


Once again I’ll be hitting the red carpet, this time with Sydney in tow.

Last year’s red carpet look

Last year’s red carpet look

But before we can do that… we had to find the perfect outfits.

Syd and I wanted to shop local while still maintaining our city style… so once again I headed to The 308 Boutique in Holdrege.


The owner, Erin Sandy had just come back from market.

She said this year, we’re seeing a lot of the same. Same floral patterns, similar styles, animal print is still trending, but this year she said to look for fuchsia and pops of neon. (Oh, you know I’m all over that!)

We’re still seeing denim in skinny cuts with destruction but the high rise flares are continuing to make a stronger appearance this spring.

All together, we tried on about 25 items. 
We needed outfits for Friday: the Emerging Designers Showcase and Sunday:Shop the Runway

Friday is glam mixed with trendy, Saturday tends to be dripping in couture and Sunday is more of a casual funday.

Can you guess what pieces we snagged? Follow along to find out.

Want an exclusive discount and free shipping at The 308 Boutique? Message me to find out how!

XX for now…

Need more? Hear from the store owner Erin and see tons of behind-the-scenes footage, here: